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Physically, Mentally, and Spiritually Healthy


Physically, Mentally and Spiritually Healthy is now servicing the entirety by informing each other about how to live healthier lives. TCG members have put their ideas and studies together about how to live the healthiest life possible. We deliver Health advice, tips and messages globally that range in topics from Sexuality Advice, Herbal Treatments, Ways to ground yourself, and many other topics. We all know that we want to be healthy, and some of us just don't know how or just don't have the support to keep up with it. The Collective Gathering supports you and everyone else who choose to use this tool! I hope that you all benefit from this page. Anyone is able to submit an entry. TCG's Film Team and Lovely Bringer of the Sun are on a mission to travel all around the globe to document healthy living lectures, naturalistic medicine healing, sports and much more of Physically, Mentally, and Spiritually Healthy living worldwide.TCG appreciates your time!



"The sun rises over the bright horizon

Lit by the mist of the humidity rising

Poured out my addictions on my front porch

I announced good riddins then got up

Walked down the front pathway

I now feel my healthiest today"





If YOU too would like to contribute a Physically, Mentally, and Spiritually Healthy submission... this can be done in 3 easy steps.


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Spiritually Healthy:

Dosage 1

Take a moment to look at your self. In that moment, accept your views of life and correct them if need to. Become aware of your inner and outer environment. Begin to imagine yourself taking the actions of surrounding yourself with hobbies, music, things, people, etc that brings out the best in you. Take it upon yourself to attract the most beneficial into your life by being the most beneficial to your life and those lives around you.

Be Well,


Physically Healthy:

Dosage 1

~3 Benefits of Running

1. Helps Prevent High Blood Pressure:

Your arteries expand and contract while running, helping the arteries to stay fit thus helping maintain healthy blood pressure.

2. Increase Bone Density:

Your body sends essential minerals to your bones to strengthen them when stressed. As running stresses your bones, these additional minerals help to increase your bone density over time.

3. Joint Strength and Stability:

By increasing the strength of your ligaments and tenders, you can increase joint strength and reduce chances of injury to your ankles, hips, or knees.


Mentally Healthy:

Dosage 1

Everyday presents new obstacles to overcome, more thoughts that distract, and more events that just don't make any sense. But...I guess that's how life is, always different....always changing....always that we're always increasing. At least, that's what life has revealed to me.